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Why to register account on the site?

To keep customer data which allowes quickly issue invoice and warranty, arrange delivery etc. To keep the history of orders and special conditions: discounts, special prices, terms of payments etc.

Can I place an order without registration?

Yes, for that use the shopping cart, enter your contact data and wait for an email or call to clarify your further actions.

About prices on the web site

The prices of Russian goods always fixed in Rubles. For imported goods Euro price is usually fixed. One can select the currency by the switch (currency sign) in the upper right corner. The prices are converted using actual exchange rate published by Central Bank of Russia

Why the price of some goods is zero in any currency?

The price of particular goods can be unset by different reasons: revaluation of goods, prolonged lack of goods in stock, special manufacturing, etc. In such cases, please contact us by phone or email.