Flexible clamps MFC150 as universal current sensors with Rogowski coils

views: 1904
Rogowski coil has a number of properties that make it very attractive to use it to measure AC current up to hundreds of kA. These include low weight and dimensions, easy mountable design, linear frequency response up to hundreds of kilohertz. Algodue produces special versions of electrical analyzers and electricity meters using Rogowski sensors as current inputs. Some obstacle in fitting Rogowski coils to conventional devices is the need to connect them through a special integrator. This problem is solved with the help of adapters that Algodue offers for use with its flexible clamps MFC150. The adapter RPC50 has a linear output on which a voltage signal is reproduced in the range up to 1 or 3 V, corresponding in shape to the current measured by the Rogowski coil. A normalized DC voltage signal of 1 ... 10 V, proportional to the effective value of the measured current, is fed to the second output. The Algodue range also includes a three-phase adapter FCA3000, which converts signals from three ticks MFC150 into three normalized signals 0 ... 20mA, 4 .. .20mA or 0 ... 10V. Using Algodue adapters, flexible current clamps MFC150 can be easily connected to any measuring device, controller, recorder, etc., with unified inputs