Summation current transformers

Summation current transformers have several primary windings and one secondary, from which a signal is taken proportional to the vector sum of currents in all primary windings. It is advisable to use such transformers, for example, when organizing electricity metering for consumers that are connected to several sections of a switchgear. MBS manufactures summing current transformers with up to 8 primary windings.

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Summation current transformer KSU

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2 or 3 inputs 1 or 5 A
Price €217.92

Summation current transformer SUSK

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3-8 inputs 1 or 5 А
Price €227.15

Summation current transformer ESUSK

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2-8 inputs 5 А, class 0,2
Price €364.96
Showing 1-3 of 3 item(s)