About us

ETC Joule supplies measuring instruments and electrical engineering equipment:

  • to measure current, voltage and other parameters of power networks;
  • instruments for commercial and technical power metering;
  • power quality analysis;
  • компенсация реактивной мощности и фильтрация гармоник;
  • защита от утечек, замыканий и перегрузок в электросетях;
  • обеспечение качественного энергоснабжения;
  • обследование энергетических объектов (энергоаудит).

Production of measuring instruments and energy-efficient equipment

ETC "Joule" develops and manufactures the following types of products:

  • analog panel meters;
  • power factor correction cabinets;
  • systems for power management.

Energy Efficiency Work

ETC "Joule" performs the following types of work:

  • inspection of industrial equipment in order to identify problems and reduce energy losses (energy audit);
  • development and implementation of systems of energy monitoring and power quality analysis;
  • design, assembling and installation of power factor correction systems.