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Greenwood Power current and voltage sensors

ETC "Joule" presents current and voltage sensors manufactured by the Austrian company Greenwood Power. The devices are intended for measurements in medium voltage networks and can be used in metering, protection and automation systems to control electrical parameters.

The sensors comply with the new standards for instrument transformers IEC 61869, parts 6, 10, 11, and are designed for use in modern power distribution systems, including Smart Grid applications.

Along with their use in newly built power grids, Greenwood Power sensors are very effective for the retrofit of existing switchgears.

Discount for PFC capacitors 20 kvar

ETK "Joule" announces a 33.3% discount on capacitors for reactive power compensation produced by HYDRA (Czech Republic), three-phase, 20 kvar, 400 V voltage. Check regularly our webpage ”Discounts” so you don’t miss out on great deals. Or better register on our site, subscribe to the newsletters, and then you definitely won’t miss anything important.

Rogowski coils MFC150 on video

The Rogowski coils manufactured by the Italian company Algodue are high-tech current sensors, which have a number of advantages compared to traditional measuring transformers with a ferromagnetic core. Which ones? See for yourself on the video!

How soon will the capacitor bank pay off?

This question is asked by any prudent owner who wants to be sure that investing money in the near future will benefit him. Fortunately, this question is not difficult to answer if some initial data on the existing energy supply system and the consumers connected to it are known. An assessment of various factors determining the effectiveness of the implementation of PFC installations is given in this article.

Thyristor contactors for PFC

PFC cabinets using conventional electromagnetic contactors are considerably limited in speed for reactive power regulation. A capacitor stage just disconnected from the mains cannot be reconnected again before the residual voltage on it drops to a certain level. Therefore, the PFC controller limits the switching frequency of the steps, which makes conventional installations unsuitable for compensating rapidly changing reactive power in devices like welding machines, crane motors, CNC machines, etc. In such cases, thyristor contactors and special high-speed controllers for PFC, manufactured by the Czech company BMR, help out

Flexible clamps MFC150 as universal current sensors with Rogowski coils

Algodue not only uses Rogowski coils as current sensors for its power analyzers, but also offers use them for any devices with a unified measuring input

PFC cabinets ETC "Joule" УКРМ 04 series

ETC "Joule" offers power factor correction units of УКРМ 04 series for reactive power compensation in LV networks of its own production, made of high-quality components using effective modern technologies. For УКРМ 04 assembly, capacitors by HYDRA (Czech Republic), contactors by Rade Koncar (Macedonia), thyristor contactors and PFC controllers BMR (Czech Republic) are used.

High frequency current transformers XCTB by MBS AG

MBS AG introduces new series XCTB of current measuring transformers, which are capable to measure harmonics up to 20 kHz. With their help, it becomes possible to accurately measure True RMS values in heavily distorted power networks that have become commonplace in recent times

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