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Measuring current transformers for LV and MV networks by MBS AG (Germany)

MBS AG produces a wide range of current transformers - over 15,000 models. By their design, they are divided into busbar, cable (with a round window), wound primary (without window), split core (mounted without disconnecting main conductors), feeder, three-phase, summation, multi-range, etc. According to the functional purpose, transformers are produced for measurement, commercial power metering (used by utilities) and protection. Among the connection methods, along with conventional screw terminals, MBS transformers use WAGO spring terminals, which increase the reliability of the connection and reduce the installation time by several times. Recently, high-frequency transformers have been developed that meet the latest requirements for measurement accuracy in networks with non-sinusoidal current distortions.
ETK "Joule", being the general distributor of MBS AG, delivers measuring current transformers from a warehouse in Moscow.

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